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Copper Recycling Los Angeles

Copper Recycling Los Angeles

Call Us Today For Your Copper Recycling Needs 310-830-8277

Smart Recycling is a full-service copper recycling company open 9-5 M-F. Our radio dispatched vehicle fleet is available for same day service, or inside twenty-four hours of your request. You may rest assured that any unique situation shall be addressed skillfully and in short order. Smart Recycling Inc boasts a complete service staff, including plenty of equipment to tackle nearly any copper recycling job, anytime, anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.

  • Los Angeles’s biggest variety of bins and roll-offs for continuously produced scrap metal
  • Compliant and adjustable bins for your particular needs
  • For requests created by ten am weekdays, day-of collection is on hand
  • Next day collection for orders after 10 am weekdays
  • A vast array of unique disassembly, reduction and collection gear
  • Technicians available for fast disassembly, reclamation, reduction and collection
  • Scrap Copper Prices and know-how unrivaled!

We offer the greatest range of scrap copper recycling services and collection containers for copper recyclables in and around the Los Angeles area. From specialized solutions for copper reclamation, disassembly or collection, to identifying the aftermarket most profitable for you, Smart Recycling’s level of expertise is second to none.

Unsurpassed Service

Virtually every project is different. We are aware of that, and that is why we provide “hands on management” by our expert staff. We begin with a detailed evaluation of your situation, but it’s the diligent attention we place on meeting your individual needs that maximizes your revenue from every recycling effort. And that keeps our customers returning regularly.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, we see our clients as business partners and work hard at providing cost-effective strategies to recycle scrap metals and other recyclable items.

Call us today for a quote 310-830-8277.