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Aluminum Recycling Los Angeles


Aluminum Recycling Los AngelesCall Us Today For Your Aluminum Recycling Needs 310-830-8277

Open M-F, Smart Recycling Inc. is a full-service aluminum recycling company serving the greater Los Angeles area. Our professionally dispatched truck fleet is available on the same day, or inside twenty-four hours of your request. Smart Recycling Inc. ıncludes a full support staff, including plenty of equipment to manage practically any project in the Los Angeles area.

  • Los Angeles’s largest variety of containers and roll-offs for scrap aluminum pickup.
  • Custom sized bins to attend to your handling and sorting needs.
  • Same-day pick up.
  • Next day pick up for orders placed after 10 am on weekdays.
  • Complete spectrum of dedicated disassembly, reduction and collection technology.
  • Employees available for fast disassembly, reclamation, reduction and aluminum collection.
  • Prices and service unparalleled!

We provide a greatest spectrum of ferrous and non-ferrous metal reclamation offerings and collection containers for recyclables in and around the Los Angeles area. From special solutions for aluminum reclamation, disassembly or collection, to distinguishing the after-market most advantageous to you, Smart Recycling’s professionalism is second to none.

#1 Rated Scrap Aluminum Pick Up Company

Virtually every job is unique. We appreciate that, and that is why we provide “hands on administration” by our senior staff members. We start off with a complete examination of your situation, but it’s the mindful attention we place on meeting your individual needs that boosts your proceeds from every recycling effort. And that keeps our customers coming back regularly.

In the present rapidly changing environment, we view our clientele as business partners and work diligently at offering economical strategies to recycle aluminum and other recyclable commodities.


Call us today for a quote 310-830-8277.