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Carbide Recycling Los Angeles

Established in 1978

Carbide Recycling Los Angeles offers a comprehensive carbide recycling service that helps businesses and individuals dispose of their scrap carbide in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. We accept a wide range of carbide scrap, including drill bits, cutting tools, wear parts, and more. Our process is simple and convenient, with free estimates and prompt payment.  With their commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, is a trusted partner for all carbide recycling needs.

carbide recycling los angeles

Open Monday through Friday, Smart Recycling Inc is a full service scrap metal recycling specialist. Our professionally dispatched vehicle fleet is available on the same day, or inside 24 hours of your order. You can move forward knowing that any unique situation will be performed competantly and in short order. Smart Recycling has a complete service crew, including plenty of equipment to handle practically any project, anytime, anywhere in and around Los Angeles.

  • The broadest variety of bins and roll-offs for continually produced scrap metal
  • Modifiable bins for your individual needs
  • For requests made by 10 am weekdays, same-day pick up is on hand
  • For orders placed after 10 a.m. on weekdays, next day pick up is an option
  • A wide range of specialized disassembly, reduction and collection equipment
  • Readily available disassembly, reclamation, reduction and pick up crews
  • Daily commitment to unrivaled service and great scrap metal rates!

With Smart Recycling, you can expect the widest assortment of scrap metal recycling services and collection containers for recyclables in and around the Los Angeles area. From modern devices for reclamation, disassembly or collection, to choosing the after-market most favorable to you, Smart Recycling’s professional experience and adaptability is second to none.

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It is my goal as the owner of Smart Recycling to provide a competitive and dependable service unmatched, while personally handling and overseeing the needs of each customer.

– Salvatore J. Russo, President

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