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Titanium Monel Recycling Los Angeles

Established in 1978

Titanium Monel Recycling

Smart Recycling is a titanium monel recycling company open five days a week. Our radio dispatched truck fleet is available on the same day, or inside twenty four hours of your order. You can feel comfortable knowing that any specialized scenario ıs going to be performed skillfully and as soon as possible. Our organization has a complete support staff, including plenty of equipment to take on virtually any project, whenever, wherever in and around Los Angeles.

  • The absolute greatest selection of bins and roll-offs for continually produced scrap
  • Unique containers to support your handling and sorting requirements
  • For requests completed by 10 a.m. weekdays, same day pick up is made available
  • If scheduled after 10am, our team can pick up your order the next day
  • Complete collection of dedicated disassembly, reduction and collection solutions
  • Professionals available for fast disassembly, reclamation, reduction and collection
  • Prices and professionalism unrivaled!

With Smart Recycling, expect the widest selection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal reclamation offerings and collection containers for recyclables in the Los Angeles area. From special machinery for reclamation, disassembly or collection, to distinguishing the after-market most fruitful to you, Smart Recycling’s professional service and flexibility is the best in the business.

Titanium Monel Recycling Los Angeles ca

What is Titanium Monel?

Titanium Monel is a type of alloy that is widely used in aerospace, marine, and chemical industries due to its high resistance to corrosion and heat. It is composed of 65% nickel, 30% copper, and 5% other metals. However, its high cost and limited availability make it essential to recycle and reuse whenever possible.

Why recycle Titanium Monel?

Recycling Titanium Monel has several benefits for the environment and the economy. By recycling this alloy, we reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserve natural resources, and save energy. Additionally, recycling Titanium Monel helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change.

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It is my goal as the owner of Smart Recycling to provide a competitive and dependable service unmatched, while personally handling and overseeing the needs of each customer.

– Salvatore J. Russo, President

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